Melasti Beach, Exotic Beach in Ungasan Bali

pantai melasti pantai di kuta selatan

Melasti Beach, Exotic Beach in Ungasan

Hello guys back to my blog again. Still talking about tours on the island of the Gods, this time I want to share the experience of traveling on one of the most beautiful beaches in the South Kuta area. Indeed, the South Kuta area has a lot of beaches and you won’t be able to do it if you only take a few days vacation. And my goal this time is Melasti beach in Ungasan. Melasti Beach has white sand, beautiful cliffs, clear sea water and many instagrammable spots, guys.

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Melasti Beach Location

It takes about 40 minutes to reach Melasti beach from the Kuta area with a distance of approximately 22 km. However, because at that time I was staying in the Pecatu area, access to the location was getting closer. Access to this beach is winding and quite confusing if you don’t use maps, but the road conditions are good and fun to drive. During the trip, I also enjoyed the conditions of the Bali area which is still beautiful, where settlements are rarely found and there are more trees on the side of the road.

Entering the entrance area is required to pay a ticket at a cost of Rp. 8000 per person and Rp. 2000. After entering I immediately got a view of the open sea and a welcome from the statue of Balinese dancers. Not only that, there is a photo spot that says Melasti Beach Ungasan.

melasti beach

Amazing Cliff View of the Sea at Melasti Beach

After taking pictures near the entrance I continued down towards the beach. Along the way to the beach I also passed a road where the side is a cliff and the other side is a view of the open sea. There is also a spot where there is a twin cliff in the middle of the road that we can pass. Therefore, it’s incomplete if you don’t capture this beautiful view with camera shots.

melasti beach cliff

Clear Sea Water with Calm Waves at Melasti Beach

Starting to enter the beach area, there is an entrance in the form of a gate which is very iconic to this Melasti beach. In addition, the blue and clear sea view with white sand makes the eyes don’t want to turn away from it. For the beach itself, this beach has a gentle contour and there are many rocks along the coast. The shoreline is still overgrown with moss and rocks. So if you visit this beach you have to be careful in stepping and to be safer use footwear.


Besides that, you also play water on Melasti beach because the waves here are still quite calm and not too high. There are also several cafes and Beach Clubs in this beach area. There are also many inns and villas in the area above the coastal cliffs.

pantai melasti bali

This is the story of visiting Melasti Beach in Ungasan, Bali. Recommended if you are on vacation in Bali.

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If there’s heaven for me, i’m sure it has a beach attached to it..

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Melasti Beach, Bali

Location : Jl. Melasti Ungasan, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 / Google Maps

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